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VPS Hosting

Pilihlah dari daftar kami sistem operasi terbaru dan panel kontrol, maka akan online dalam 10 menit! Kami mencadangkan VPS kami 100% Garansi Jaringan Uptime dari industri terkemuka.

Global Locations






Storage 75GB
Bandwidth 500GB
Processor Core X2






Storage 150GB
Bandwidth 750GB
Processor Core X2






Storage 300GB
Bandwidth 1500GB
Processor Core X4

Included with all vps hosting plans

100% Fully Managed

We have a large base of technicians and managers that work round the clock, and are available on hand whenever you require assistance. Rest assured, we fully manage all VPS Servers, top to bottom. Making sure everything's running like clockwork, 24 hours per day!


We all know the cringing feeling when you see that bar graph almost maxed out of your precious disk space, memory or bandwidth. With our Virtual Premium Servers you can easily scale up or down at any given point in time.

Guaranteed Resources

Unlike other providers no matter what is happening on the server, each and every VPS is guaranteed the resources stated. We never completely fill or oversell any of our hardware. It is practically a dedicated server without the complication of physical hardware!

Multiple Backups

SolindoHost prides itself on is the amount of attention we give our servers. Along with Enterprise level hardware and RAID protection, we also plan for worst-case scenarios. We have multiple backup servers that hold multiple backup points of all of your data.

E-Mail, FTP, Databases...

All VPS servers come with FTP, MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, subdomains, server side includes and much more! Plus, you never have to worry about not having enough as we do not set any limits on the number of each!

Unlimited Love

Why love? Why not disk space? Well to put it frankly there is no such thing as unlimited disk space. We tell you your exact limits instead of hyping you up with the word "unlimited" on things that just can't be. No hidden limitations here, just love!

Webtrons Caching Technology

Webtrons Caching Technology (WCT), is a unique technology used by SolindoHost. How WCT works, is it caches frequently accessed data from customers websites, onto SSD drives. Solid state drives are much faster than traditional HDD's.
By making only the most popular content faster to access, this results in faster website loading times for your visitors. Faster website loading times, mean better search engine ranking, happier customers, and also faster browsing for those on slow internet connections.

You got questions?  We have answers!

Setup is instant! You will receive a welcome email right after you complete payment.
We do offer ssh access. Once you are a customer with SolindoHost, you just need to open a support ticket requesting ssh permission (no extra fees).
There is no contract term, you can cancel at anytime.
Yes! We have hundreds of help videos available to walk you through almost all hosting tasks. View our hosting help videos.
CPanel is included on all SolindoHost hosting plans. Build a fully featured website in minutes using a fantastic range of tools
We run the latest version of PHP5 and MySQL 5. We support Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI, Curl and GD. Contact us about running any other programming languages you desire on our hosting.

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Control for you & your customers

In the competitive reseller hosting industry, cPanel & WHM offers hosting providers the tools that they need to succeed. While cPanel gives your customers a large range of features that allow them to control virtually every aspect of their websites, WebHost Manager (WHM) gives you the ability to manage every hosting account on your server.

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