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My Website IS DOWN !

Please follow the following directions to troubleshoot this issue: 

Step 1 - Is your domain name registration active? 
This is a very basic check, but you'd be surprised at the amount of times over the last decade or so that an expired domain registration has been the cause of a website being down, so just starting with the most obvious checks first. 

Step 2 - If your domain registration is active and not expired, proceed to Step 4. 

Step 3 - If your domain registration has expired, renew it with your domain register. After your renew your domain registration your website will function pretty shortly thereafter. 

Step 4 - Now that we've established your domain registration is active and ok, the next thing we need to do is check that your website is down for everyone else and not just you. You can also check to see if your site is accessible by others by entering your website into this website http://downforeveryone.com 

Step 5 - If that says "It's just you" who can't access your site, then the server's firewall is blocking your IP from accessing the server. Please proceed to Step 7. 

Step 6 - If that says it's down for everyone and not just you, then it's a problem with the server, and the server could be down or is temporarily overloaded. Our crack team of Ninja admins will be aware of this issue, so please wait at least 5 minutes (make a cup of coffee etc) and then if you still cannot access your website, send a ticket to our helpdesk by emailing support@solindohost.com with the details of your site and our techs will check into that for you. 

Step 7 - Now that we have established that everyone else can access your site but not you, your connecting IP has been blocked by our server's firewall. 5 successive unsuccessful login attempts to your cPanel, your WHM, an FTP account or an email account, can trigger the firewall to block that connecting IP, as the server treats that IP as a possible intrusion threat. 

Please let us know your connecting IP, so we can see if that is indeed the case. You can see your connecting IP from here http://whatismyip.com 

We will then check to see if the server's firewall is indeed blocking your IP from accessing the server, and remove that from the block list.

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If you need us, we are always here. Whatever your problem related to your hosting, please contact us at support@solindohost.com.

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