Frequently Asked Questions

Automatically Delete Spam

This function automatically deletes messages that meet or exceed the score limit. Activating this function can be accomplished using the Auto-Delete Spam button under the Filters heading.

Click the Disable Auto-Delete Spam button to disable this feature.

Note: Enabling this feature could cause you to lose email that is not spam if a message meets or exceeds the defined score. Make sure SpamAssassin is configured properly for your account before using this feature.

Anda Perlu Dukungan Lebih ?

Jika anda membutuhkan kami, kami selalu ada. Apapun permasalahan anda berkaitan dengan hosting, silakan menghubungi kami di support@solindohost.com

24/7 Support Tickets

Emailkan permasalahan anda dan support ticket kami akan merespon dalam waktu 10 menit.

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