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Provides the best experience to our clients in the provision of web hosting at an affordable dan competitive price, with honest, cutting edge technology, personalized, supportive and excellent customer service.

Who is SolindoHost?

Mission Statement
Provides the best experience to our clients in the provision of web hosting at an affordable dan competitive price, with honest, cutting edge technology, personalized, supportive and excellent customer service.

A Glance of Information
Established in 2001, SolindoHost.com focuses on the reseller to provide multi domains under one account and we are now expanding into retail where each user can freely set up their own hosting, from email setting to software adds on. Part of our service, we impose clients not as numbers but as friends.
SolindoHost.com is 100% debt free hosting company. Our profitable business with positive cash flow which builds SolindoHost.com a profitable, stronger company and keep expanding.
SolindoHost is a solid business, stable and your website is in good hands. Many of our clients give this testimony.

Integrity and Honesty
We do not give a grandiose promises and misleading our customers. Many web hosting providers stated they have their own Data Center, which is in fact nearly 99.5% of web hosting provider does not have its own data center but put their server in the data center and even just a reseller of a reseller. In fact, an excellent Data Center not only very expensive but also must have multiple connections to the rest of the world (if there one network down, another network available) that work automatically and must be reliable. We rent equipments, bandwidth in a data center and do not have a data center of our own. It would be  nice if the hosting provider worldwide honestly admit this.

We use some of the best data center in LA Telecom, USA and Gedung Cyber at Jakarta, Indonesia. LA Telecom for example, have multiple backbone connections and peering with many carriers (line providers) both regionally and internationally. So that if one network drop out, then automatically uses another network. And also if one of the networks trying to contact other networks, then the shortest path is used. This is called intelligent routing decision. By placing core nodes in Equinix and Telehouse, we can guarantee our service competence.  using SONET networks that are essential to provide dual redundant, counter-rotating ring technology, which in the fiber cut, SONET will automatically heal. also divide the circuit in several telecommunications providers such as Verizon, MFS Worldcom, and Adelphia.
"The choice of location for SolindoHost's data center server in New Jersey-New York and California is based on statistical reports such Statistics in which the highest number of average for speed and reliability for data centers around the world are in these places."

Equipment and Servers
We started with the use of Standard Rack Server (Industry standard) instead of desktop/PC, SuperMicro. This system is the best solution for Rack Server. Our Latest system is SUN (Dual Opteron) and SuperMicro DUAL Opteron equipped with RAID-5 for corporates/enterprises and portals. Brand name Fiber Optic cables, Redundant Power Supplies, Switch and Cisco 6509 which is the flagship product from Cisco. So beside the equipment that we rent from the data center, we also have other equipment in case of problems or other things that can not be addressed by the data center. Of course, advanced equipment without great international bandwidth, it will be useless. Therefore we choose to use the Premium Redundant Fiber Optic Connection.

We apply tools such as Firewall, Intelligent Packet and Jail System. We also limit the things that cause problems such as root access server (not root domain), SSH and others if the server is a public server. Because if there a "danger" occures then it will threatened all member's data. However this is not a guarantee that our server is hack-proof. If the servers of Pentagon, NSA, and NASA can be hacked then we can not promise that 100% safety but we try to do our best.

We Are Not The Cheapest But Close
It does not make sense if you want the best with the lowest price. Price, Good Service, Qualified Hardware (select two of the three because one must be sacrificed to achieve a balance :)). In this case the forced is our price. For example, one equipment/unit costs around US $ 4,000 and it's still not the best. If the server was equipped with a hard drive of 100GB (instead of Disk Desktop but Disk Server, which performance and its realibility above the desktop server) then a rational price per MB (for exchange rate $ 1 = Rp. 10,000) is $ 400 per Megabyte to breakeven only for one unit! out of bandwidth prices, rents, employee, software, license, ControlPanel, maintenance and so forth.
Our public servers is limited to 200GB, as the larger hard drive meaning not only more client/domain, but increasingly heavy load and problems to be solved. Though it is true that larger hard drive means cheaper price for Megabyte countings.
With the volume that we have achieved and the efficiency of work sytem, we have reached and even kept the balance optimize the price-performance-service-this profitability. This is very important because many hosting companies in the United States (which averagely run by 2-3 people) waiting to be acquired by trying to get as many clients as possible (which is regarded as the user/market Internet) by selling services under normal price. Profitability is important, imagine how an IT company should upgrade the equipment if it does not have the (self-sufficiency) income? While the IT equipment growing rapidly every week. Or do they have other motives? If you notice this, only Dot Com profitable and survive.
So yes, we are not the cheapest but closest one for you who want the best of price-performance-service.
And of course we continue to follow these developments and always try to give our clients the best with price as efficient as possible.

Why SolindoHost?


We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are here to make sure that your sites are always loading with lightening speed. We purposely under load our servers, ensuring that they are always running optimally. We post our uptime reports, and are fully transparent.


Unlike many other hosting providers, we provide 3 levels of backups. We have offsite backups so in the event of a disaster, your data is always safe. All of our servers have Hardware RAID as well as backup drives on the servers themselves, ensuring that your data is safe.

Owned not Borrowed

We have our own data suite, where we have access to our equipment 24/7. We fully own, operate and manage all of our equipment. When you contact us, we're the ones who will be working on your machine not anyone else. We have built our infrastructure from the ground up.

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