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About SolindoHost

To provide our valued clients with the very best hosting experience available through unparalleled customer care, delivering affordable services, honesty and integrity, cutting edge state of the art technology inside a very personal, supportive and vibrant community.

Why you should choose us!

Owned not Borrowed

We have our own data suite, where we have access to our equipment 24/7. We fully own, operate and manage all of our equipment. When you contact us, we're the ones who will be working on your machine not anyone else. We have built our infrastructure from the ground up.


We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are here to make sure that your sites are always loading with lightening speed. We purposely under load our servers, ensuring that they are always running optimally. We post our uptime reports, and are fully transparent.


Unlike many other hosting providers, we provide 3 levels of backups. We have offsite backups so in the event of a disaster, your data is always safe. All of our servers have Hardware RAID as well as backup drives on the servers themselves, ensuring that your data is safe.

The SolindoHost Story

Established in 2001, focuses on the reseller to provide multi domains under one account and we are now expanding into retail where each user can freely set up their own hosting, from email setting to software adds on. Part of our service, we impose clients not as numbers but as friends. is 100% debt free hosting company. Our profitable business with positive cash flow which builds a profitable, stronger company and keep expanding.

SolindoHost is a solid business, stable and your website is in good hands. Many of our clients give this testimony.

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S2 Technology

At SolindoHost, we like to keep everything new, up to date and fresh. We make sure the technology that powers our huge global network is always kept up to date, and platforms are always running the latest stable release. Our fully qualified trained technicians monitor our network day and night, 24/7 around the clock, making sure our infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.

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